The psychology of creativity

Many of my friends have the ability to draw brilliant pictures, create incredible music or write beautiful literature. As a psychology student, I’ve always wondered what separates these creative people from us mere mortals. What goes on inside their brain’s that allows them to open up and create? Is it something mystical, or is it a real physical phenomenon that can be measured

Before we go into this, we need a quick brain anatomy refresher to understand which parts of the brain deal with creativity.

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Déjà vu

You’re in a new part of town, having a gentle stroll in the sun. You turn around the corner and suddenly this “new” part of town becomes very familiar. You’ve been here before, you’re sure of it. But you couldn’t have? You’ve never seen this place? Why does it seem so familiar? It’s this feeling that people know as déjà vu. This sensation is where an individual feels like a moment they are currently experiencing has already been experienced before, despite this being the first time. Weird right? So what exactly is going on in that head of yours?

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