Kanye West

  1. Introduction

For one of my final year modules at university, I had to write a clinical report on a celebrity who had been suffering from a formally undiagnosed mental illness. We had to diagnose the disorder, describe the processes that cause it and create treatment plans tailored to the celebrity. As Kanye’s mental health has been in the media a lot recently, I thought I would choose him and share a few sections of my report on my blog for people to learn about his situation.

Before I start, there are few disclaimers I would like to point out:

  • Kanye’s personal information has been taken from public websites, however information regarding clinical mental health have been taken from academic peer-reviewed journals – all of which are referenced.
  • Despite my best attempt at being professional and fair, I am NOT a qualified clinical psychologist. This has been a taken and adapted from an academic piece of work to be informative about mental health and Kanye’s situation.

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